Extra – Curricular classes are back !!

Thursday Extra-Curricular Classes, Homework Club and Swimming Classes  

St. Pius X Parents’ Association are delighted to confirm that we intend to recommence Thursday extra–curricular  classes, homework club and swimming classes for the school year 2022/2023. Further details on the options  available are set out below.  

Thursday Extra-Curricular Classes  

Dates: Classes will run for 22 weeks from 22nd September to the week of St. Patrick’s Day (excluding mid-terms  and Christmas break).  

Time: All classes will run from 2.35pm – 3.35pm.  

Cost: €90 for 22 weeks  

Venue: All classes will take place on school grounds.  

Drop off / collection: Parents / guardians of children from Junior and Senior Infants will be required to drop and  collect their child to and from the classroom allocated for their chosen activity. Parents / guardians of all other  children should make their own arrangements for collection.  

Minimum numbers: Please note that we must have a minimum number of children to run any class. If we do  not reach the minimum number, any payments taken will be refunded.  


o The Parents’ Association are delighted to be in a position to recommence Thursday extra-curricular classes.  The children who participate in the classes always really enjoy them. However, in order to run the classes  successfully, parental involvement is required.  

o As part of the enrolment process, parents / guardians will be requested to select one Thursday when they  are available to assist with supervision of the classes. Supervision involves sitting in reception with a member  of the PA and being available in case of any emergencies. Classes cannot run and unfortunately will be  cancelled unless there is adequate parental supervision available.  

ClassSuitable For.Description
Yoga, Sport & ArtJunior Infants to
1st Class
Fun filled activity hour. Your child can engage in a range of activities to include sports, yoga and art etc. while interacting with girls & boys of their own age.
Multi Activity HourJunior Infants to
1st Class
Fun filled activity hour. Your child can engage in a range of
activities to include puzzles, drawing, table top activities etc. while interacting with girls & boys of their own age.
Guitar – Beginner2nd to 6th ClassGuitar classes, rhythm & accompaniment styles, fun melodies and songs.
*Children must bring their own guitar to class
Pius Pop Stars2nd to 6th ClassCalling all boys and girls who love to sing! Singing popular songs in a class group.
Los Espanolistos –
Spanish for Beginners
2nd to 6th ClassChildren learn languages best when they’re young. Learn to speak Spanish in a fun environment, through music, activities, drama and play. Vámonos!
Chess2nd to 6th ClassChess is an excellent game for kids. It teaches them strategic thinking, logic and it’s fun too!
Knitting & Sewing Club3rd to 6th ClassKnitting & sewing classes for kids from beginners to the more advanced. Children learn a fun new skill or improve what they already know.
*A list of required materials will be provided by the class teacher.
Debating3rd to 6th ClassThe skills the children will learn in Debating will enrich their
cognitive and language abilities, encourage their confidence as well
as being lots of fun!
Tech Masters5th & 6th ClassA class that explores the emerging and exciting area of digital education through hands on activities. We will make use of iPads, Chromebooks, programmable Lego and Virtual Reality headsets to explore programmes like Scratch coding, Minecraft, VR software and much more!


Homework Club
Homework club provides a calm environment where pupils can do their homework without distractions under the supervision of teachers from the two schools.

Homework club will run every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 2.35pm – 3.35pm.
Term 1 will commence on Monday 5th September and run until Tuesday 20th December. During enrolment, parents will be able to book one, two or three days (for example, you can choose to enrol your child on Mondays only). Homework club costs €5 per day and is booked on a term by term basis.

ClassSuitable forTerm 1 Cost
Monday3rd to 6th Class€75
Tuesday3rd to 6th Class€75
Wednesday3rd to 6th Class€75 (14 Wednesdays)

Swimming Club
Swimming classes will return to Templeogue College swimming pool. Dates, times and costs will be announced shortly. A provisional schedule is set out below for information purposes.

DayTimeSuitable for
Monday3.00 pm to 3.40 pmJunior Infants to 6th Class
Tuesday3.00 pm to 3.40 pmJunior Infants to 6th Class
Wednesday2.00 pm to 2.40 pmJunior and Senior Infants
Wednesday3.00 pm to 3.40 pm1st to 6th Class
Thursday3.00 pm to 3.40 pmJunior Infants to 6th Class


ClassEnrolment Day & Time
Homework ClubNow Open
Thursday Extra-Curricular ClassesSaturday 10th September at 10.00am
Swimming ClassesSaturday 10th September at 11.00am

Enrolment for all classes will take place online using Easy Payments Plus

  • Enrolment times for Thursday extracurricular classes and swimming classes are staggered to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to get the particular class or swim they want.
  • Please ensure that you are registered on Easy Payments Plus in advance (if you have not already done so).
  • Please note that no enrolments will be taken before this date, and all enrolments will be on a first come, first served basis.
    If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Kind regards,

Summer Newsletter June 2022

Summer Newsletter June 2022

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As the 2021/22 school year draws to a close, we have a short round up on events for the school year.

We wish to acknowledge the work of the school principals Ms Doyle & Mr Coyle and teachers during another difficult year, however we were delighted to see a return to normality in 2022.  A huge thank you to Karen & Natasha and the teachers & staff for their support during the year.   

Goodbye to 6th class

We wish all of the 6th class pupils and their parents the very best of luck as they leave St. Pius X and move on to post-primary school. We hope they have enjoyed their time in St. Pius X and have many happy memories of their primary school days.

The PA were delighted to continue the tradition of giving each of our 6th class girls and boys a gift pack to send them off on their post primary journey.

The Fittest Class Activity Challenge

Over the first weekend in April St Pius X boys & girls took to the open air and covered a total of 33,849 Kilometres!                

Thank you to all children, parents and guardians who took part. It was amazing to see so many children take part in the challenge and the positive feedback we received was wonderful. 

€9,490! has been raised for the schools and we are very grateful to all who contributed.  This is a tremendous amount to have been so kindly donated and will be put to good use by the principals and board of management of both schools.  We would also like to thank all the class reps who collated the results for each class. We couldn’t have done this fundraiser without your help.

The Heather Cup

It was fantastic to see The Heather Cup back this May and the grounds of Terenure College buzzing with excitement.  It was a most enjoyable few days of sunshine (and rain!) and soccer.

Well done to all the children from 3rd to 6th class in St. Pius X boys and girls’ schools for taking part.

The Children’s Art Exhibition

What an amazing bunch of artists we have in our schools! We had a great two days in June viewing their art and parents got the opportunity to buy their children’s artwork. Thanks to everyone for contributing. It was a great success and the children really enjoyed it.

Ice Cream Van

June 28th saw the return of our ice cream van, a super treat for all the children especially for the last day in St Pius for our 6th classers.

Looking ahead to September…

We are delighted to announce the return of Thursday extra curricular classes, Home Work Club and Swimming…more information on this is being circulated from the school secretaries on our behalf and on our website  – stpiusxparentsassociation.com so keep an eye out.

Save the Date:  Enrolment using Easy Payments Plus on September 10th  

We will also hold our AGM in September where we will welcome any new members. If you are interested in joining and would like to know more about what is involved please email piusxparents@gmail.com and we will answer any questions you might have.  Goodbye and thank you to Bernadette Butler who finishes in St Pius and has been an invaluable member of our PA for many years.

From all the PA Thank You, have a wonderful summer break and we look forward to seeing you all in September.A picture containing chart

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Children’s Art Exhibit

We’re delighted to invite you to save the date for the return of the St. Pius X Children’s Art Exhibit taking place on 15 & 16 June in the school hall. You’ll have the chance to buy your child’s professionally framed art. Sales online and at the exhibit – details to follow next week. Hope to see lots of you there. Your PA Committee

Heather Cup Blog

It was fantastic to see The Heather Cup back this week and the grounds of Terenure College buzzing with excitement.

It was a most enjoyable few days of sunshine (and rain!) and soccer.

Well done to all the children from 3rd to 6th class in St. Pius X boys and girls’ schools for taking part, this was the first time for 3rd, 4th & 5th class playing in the Heather Cup and we know this event brought a huge amount of joy (for the most part).  This was the 50th year that the Heather Cup was held, and we were delighted that Willie Heather (son of founder Charlie) was on hand to present the cups.  

The Heather Cup is children led in terms of team choices and this is not always perfect, but it is an opportunity for the classes to mix together and children across the age groups to get to know each other, hopefully next time we will have more teams now that those who participated and attended to watch know what the Heather Cup is after a three year hiatus!

This year the team led by Ronan O’Dell and Conor O’Brien won the boys tournament, and the team led by Sarah Prendergast and Sadhbh King won the girls.  They have the job of minding the Heather Cup’s for a year!  We were entertained throughout the tournament by some great skill and of course the nail biting penalty shoot outs!

Thanks to all those who helped make this possible, the Heather Cup committee of Caroline Costello, Helen Ryan, Kate Quinn, Michelle Dillon & Denise Cooling, the school secretaries for managing enrolment and the many questions thrown at them, the principles for supporting the event, the parents for pitch supervision in particular Greg Ward & Conor Wallace, St John’s Ambulance, Terenure TY students for refereeing and carrying out lines man duties, our final night ‘pro’ ref’s, Terenure College for allowing us use their pitch’s each year and in particular the groundskeeper for preparing the pitch’s for us.

Heather Cup – St Pius X Girls Winners
Heather Cup – St Pius X Boys Winners

Heather Cup – Important Update

Attached please find the fixture list (for the group games) and group details for the Heather Cup 2022, which is starting on Monday 16th May in Terenure College.

Group games are on:

·  Mon 16th

·  Tues 17th

We have compressed the schedule of fixtures for Monday 16th due to a clash with St Pius First Confession ceremony.

Each team will play 2 matches.  Note this means in the 4-team groups that not every team will play each other.

The top 2 teams in each group will progress to the Quarter Finals on Wednesday 18th May.

Semi-Finals and Finals will be played on Thursday 19th May.

Should any teams finish on the same points, then goal difference will decide which team wins the group.  In the event that points and goal difference are the same, then, goals scored will be the tie breaker. 

Knockout Rounds:

·  SF & Final Thur 19th May

It is very important that the team captain lets ALL their team members know what team colour to wear and the day/time of their fixtures.


The Manager should set up a WhatsApp group for the team in advance of next week and text details of the Match times, Meet Up times and team colour.  Thus the 6th class players will need to obtain the mobiles of their team members parents this week so all players will be aware of the fixtures and team colour etc.

Please ensure teams arrive in their team colours as allocated in each group, these do not have to be jerseys, same colour tops/t-shirts will do.

It is important that all teams due to play arrive a few minutes before kick off times to ensure that there are no delays for each game. Games will kick off on time.  Should any team be unable to fulfil a fixture the result will be deemed a 3 nil defeat for that team.

The kick off times are @ 6.30pm, 7pm, 7.30pm and 8pm as per the attached Fixture sheet with each game lasting 20 minutes, 10 minutes for each half.

Each team entered has acknowledged that they have read and understand the Heather Cup Rules, a copy is attached.

Please note a reminder of the Team Rules:

·  9 players per squad – 7 playing at any one time (Option to play full squad by mutual agreement due to larger size of pitches)

·  Maximum 2 players from 6th class

·  5th & 6th class combined a max of 4 players

·  Minimum of two 3rd class players

·  A team must have 5 players from 3rd class & 4th class combined

·  For verification purposes the organisers will take a team photo before the games begin

·  In the event of penalties, 5 Players are selected by each team, if there is no clear winner after 5 penalties it continues sudden death until all 7 players have taken their go in rotation.  If both teams have 9 players, all 9 will take a penalty. If 1 team has 7 and 1 team 8 or 9 then after the 7th player rotation commenced again.  The same order does not need to be followed on the second rotation.  

As far as possible games will run from Monday 16th to Thursday 19th May.

The fixtures are also on www.fixturelist.com.  The tables will be updated each evening

Link to the boys league is Heather Cup Boys League 2022

Link to the girls league is Heather Cup Girls League 2022

Please note it is not possible to re-arrange any fixtures.

Should there be any disputes, the decision of the tournament organiser’s is final. 

We hope that everyone enjoys this years competition and have a great Heather Cup experience.

Fittest Class Activity Challenge – The Results

St Pius X Parents Association 2022 Fundraiser

Thank you to all the children, parents & guardians who got out and got active over the first weekend  in April (1st – 3rd). There was such a variety of activities carried out which was fantastic to see. There  has been in excess of €8,700 raised for the schools so far and this is a tremendous achievement for  which we are very grateful. Every child is a winner for participating in the fundraiser.  

The table below shows the classes that collectively clocked up the most kilometres overall:  

Girls Junior Challenge: Ms. Hughes’ Class, 1,176KM 

Girls Senior Challenge: Ms. Sheehan’s Class 1,519KM 

Boys Junior Challenge: Mr. Gough’s Class 1,360 KM 

Boys Senior Challenge: Ms. Redmond’s Class 1,431KM

Top scores in each class are as follows:

Girls School – Highest KMS per Class  
Ms. Dennedy Sadie Palmer 53.0, Ms. Goss Florence Edgeworth 53.9, Ms. McGuinness Éabha McIvor 72.0  
Ms Nolan Sadhbh Brennan 42.3, Ms Gavin Penny Jones 38.3, Ms Godson Sadie Macken 35.0  
Ms Fagan (Ms. O’Connolly) Claire Wallace 50.6, Ms Bracken Amy O’Brien 55.2, Mr O’Donoghue Hollie Mulhern 71.0  
Ms Hughes Anna McGrath 84.3, Ms. Durkan / Ms. McCarthy Lara Waine 91.5  
Ms. Sheehan Ellen Foley 86.4, Ms. Carney Stefanie Kenny 72.7  
Ms Buckley Caoimhe Denvir 104.0, Mr. Dermody Anna Butler 82.0  
Ms Smith Katie Curran 58.7, Mr. Neary Tricia O’Kane 63.0  
Ms Kelly Sarah Prendergast 85.0, Ms Doherty Catherine McElroy 72.0 
Boys School – Highest KMS per Class 
Ms. Stewart Tom Lynch 47.0, Ms. O’Neill Bodie Campbell 84.0, Ms. Gallagher Zack Morrissey 50.6  
Ms Devenney Billy Lynch 80.0, Ms Robinson Cian Ward 49.0, Ms Mooney Jonah O’Sullivan 61.2  
Mr. Gough Jack Coen 161.1, Ms Crosbie Cathal McIvor 72.0, Ms. Brogan Killian Griffin 72.5  
Ms Dunne Jake McCullen 76.0, Mr Cunningham Brandon Lynch 115.0  
Ms Pleamonn Callan Bowe 66.3, Mr Finnegan Ryan Slattery 68.0  
Mr Kealy Danny Cusack 68.0, Mr Dillon Billy-Bart Parsons-Lappin 91.5,Mr. Faherty James Barnes 59.0  
Mr Curtin Dylan Lynch 85.0, Mr Smyth Eoin Wallace 59.5  
Mr Geraghty Donal Atkins 74.0, Ms. Redmond Darragh O’Brien 91.0 

For those who may still wish to sponsor the event you can log onto EasyPayment Plus and donate an amount that you think is appropriate to  support this Fundraising event. 

Thanks for your support, 

St Pius X Parents’ Association