St. Pius X Parents’ Association 

WHAT? Heather Cup 2022 – St Pius Boys & Girls Seven-A-Side  Soccer Tournament 

WHEN? 16th – 19th May 2022 

VENUE? Terenure College 

Team Rules 

1. 9 players per squad – 7 playing at any one time. 

2. Maximum 2 players from 6th class. 

3. 5th class & 6th class combined a maximum of four players. 

4. Minimum of two 3rd class players. 

5. A team must have 5 players from 3rd class & 4th class combined. 

(Example team 1 make up, 2 6th Class, 2 5th Class, 3 4th Class, 2 3rd Class) (Example team 2 make up, 1 6th Class, 3 5th Class, 2 4th Class, 3 3rd Class) 6. For verification purposes the organisers will take a team photo before the games begin. 7. Limited number of teams in the competition on a first come first served basis.  

Entry Forms will be handed out to 6th Class on return from Easter  Break with strict deadline for return of application! 

This event can only be run with the help of 6th class parents – 2 parents  to be named as managers per team on entry form. 

5th Class parents who we will look to for pitch supervision 

Please contact Caroline on 087 9582712