Attached please find the fixture list (for the group games) and group details for the Heather Cup 2022, which is starting on Monday 16th May in Terenure College.

Group games are on:

·  Mon 16th

·  Tues 17th

We have compressed the schedule of fixtures for Monday 16th due to a clash with St Pius First Confession ceremony.

Each team will play 2 matches.  Note this means in the 4-team groups that not every team will play each other.

The top 2 teams in each group will progress to the Quarter Finals on Wednesday 18th May.

Semi-Finals and Finals will be played on Thursday 19th May.

Should any teams finish on the same points, then goal difference will decide which team wins the group.  In the event that points and goal difference are the same, then, goals scored will be the tie breaker. 

Knockout Rounds:

·  SF & Final Thur 19th May

It is very important that the team captain lets ALL their team members know what team colour to wear and the day/time of their fixtures.


The Manager should set up a WhatsApp group for the team in advance of next week and text details of the Match times, Meet Up times and team colour.  Thus the 6th class players will need to obtain the mobiles of their team members parents this week so all players will be aware of the fixtures and team colour etc.

Please ensure teams arrive in their team colours as allocated in each group, these do not have to be jerseys, same colour tops/t-shirts will do.

It is important that all teams due to play arrive a few minutes before kick off times to ensure that there are no delays for each game. Games will kick off on time.  Should any team be unable to fulfil a fixture the result will be deemed a 3 nil defeat for that team.

The kick off times are @ 6.30pm, 7pm, 7.30pm and 8pm as per the attached Fixture sheet with each game lasting 20 minutes, 10 minutes for each half.

Each team entered has acknowledged that they have read and understand the Heather Cup Rules, a copy is attached.

Please note a reminder of the Team Rules:

·  9 players per squad – 7 playing at any one time (Option to play full squad by mutual agreement due to larger size of pitches)

·  Maximum 2 players from 6th class

·  5th & 6th class combined a max of 4 players

·  Minimum of two 3rd class players

·  A team must have 5 players from 3rd class & 4th class combined

·  For verification purposes the organisers will take a team photo before the games begin

·  In the event of penalties, 5 Players are selected by each team, if there is no clear winner after 5 penalties it continues sudden death until all 7 players have taken their go in rotation.  If both teams have 9 players, all 9 will take a penalty. If 1 team has 7 and 1 team 8 or 9 then after the 7th player rotation commenced again.  The same order does not need to be followed on the second rotation.  

As far as possible games will run from Monday 16th to Thursday 19th May.

The fixtures are also on  The tables will be updated each evening

Link to the boys league is Heather Cup Boys League 2022

Link to the girls league is Heather Cup Girls League 2022

Please note it is not possible to re-arrange any fixtures.

Should there be any disputes, the decision of the tournament organiser’s is final. 

We hope that everyone enjoys this years competition and have a great Heather Cup experience.